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Scotch 101: The Scotch Flavor Chart

When I first started getting into scotch and whisky, I started by trying a bunch of different kinds based on recommendations or just what bars happened to have at the time.  Once I started finding some that I liked, what I wanted most was an easy way to say “If…

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Review: 5 Vegas Series ‘A’ Apotheosis

Photo via cigarsinternational.com Numbers are the name of the game with this cigar.  Tobacco from 4 different countries are aged for 4 years before being rolled together and rested for an additional 6 months to produce the 5 Vegas (Pronounced Cinco Vegas) Series ‘A’ Apotheosis cigar.  Fillers from the Dominican…

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Review: Glenlivet 12

Photo credit thirdbasemarketandspirits.com The Glenlivet 12 year whisky in the old green bottles disappeared back in 2015, but it’s back and now with new packaging to match the rest of their line.  It was one of the most popular whiskies for quite a while and it’s back and ready to…

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Cigar 101: Cigar Cuts

Welcome to another edition of Cigar 101, today we’ll be talking about the different ways to prepare your cigar to be smoked, mainly, the cuts.  While it may seem like it doesn’t make too much of a difference, the type of cut you use can alter the flavors, strength, smoke…

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Review: Lagavulin 16

Photo via thirdbasemarketsandspirits.com “Prepare to experience true freedom and bliss.” says Ron as he pulls a bottle of Lagavulin 16 from his office drawer along with two glasses.  Anytime I see that episode I wish the second glass was for me.  While Lagavulin 16 has been around much, much, MUCH…

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