Review: Drew Estate Java Latte

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Drew Estate is one of the industry leaders in infused and flavored cigars, and the Java Latte continues that tradition. Now before you start talking about Swisher Sweets, flavored infused cigars have come a long way from $0.99 2-packs from the local 7-11. Today flavor infused cigars is a big industry, and a perfect introductory cigar for people looking to make their first step into enjoying the world of finely rolled tobacco. A lot of people can be turned off by the more traditional cigar tasting notes of earth, pepper or leather. But flavor infused cigars allow for more sweet flavors like vanilla, coffee, chocolate and caramel. The Java Latte definitely falls in this group with its rich notes of vanilla and creamy coffee. The first thing you notice just smelling the cigar before even lighting is the smell of vanilla and light roasted coffee beans. The wrapper itself is flavored so you’ll even taste the sweetness on the cap before lighting. I used a punch cut and then lightly toasted the cigar with my torch lighter before fully lighting. The draw was very easy and smooth and it’s not a very heavy or thick smoke, but anyone near you will also be able to smell the notes of vanilla and coffee.

First Third: Right off the bat you’re hit with that rich vanilla and creamy coffee flavor. Had no trouble lighting the cigar and it burned very evenly once I got it going. Once you get going you’ll start to notice hints of cocoa as well.

Second Third: At this stage the cocoa became a little more pronounced, and balances out evenly with the vanilla and coffee flavors. Keeping a long ash on the cigar kept the burn going, and there was no need to re-light. As you start getting to the end of the second third you start noticing the coffee bean flavor more, and the rich sweetness of the vanilla and cream start to fade.

Final Third: A lot of infused cigars will start to lose flavors in the final third, but with the Java Latte the flavors just changed in the final third. Now the cream and vanilla have mostly faded away, and you’re getting more of a coffee bean flavor with a hint of cocoa. The cap may be losing it’s sweetness by now as well as you’ve been puffing on the cigar for a while now. It’s different from the beginning, but still a great taste for those who enjoy dark roasted coffees.

I paired this cigar with a Chocolate Milk stout from a local craft brewery down the street from me, and the flavors meshed perfectly.

Pairing with drinks is one of the best parts of trying a new cigar. While usually paired with a whiskey, scotch, bourbon or some other brown liquor, the explosion of craft breweries with all kinds of unique beers has opened another great option for cigar pairing. I paired the Java Latte with a Chocolate Milk stout from a local craft brewery down the street from me, and the flavors meshed perfectly.

Overall this cigar is absolutely one of my favorites, as are most of the Drew Estate flavor infused cigars. It’s a great flavor by itself but even better when pairing with any sweet alcohols, be they beer, whiskey, bourbon or whatever. If you’re looking for a good first cigar to try, and you enjoy a nice creamy cup of coffee in the morning or a delicious craft brewed milk stout at night, then the Java Latte by Drew Estate is the perfect place to start.

Mfr: Drew Estate/Rocky Patel

Length: 5 1/2 in

Origin: Nicaragua

Strength: Medium

Product: Java Latte

Gauge: 50

Filler: Nicaraguan

Sweet: Yes

Shape: Robusto

Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut

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