Review: Cohiba Black

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Cohiba.  If you’ve ever smoked or even seen a cigar, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the brand name.  It’s practically a synonym.  The Cohiba Black was introduced in 2006 and is one of few darker cigars produced by Cohiba.  The Official Cohiba site describes it as “An espresso of a cigar with a deep, lustrous wrapper, Cohiba Black consistently delivers rich, concentrated flavor. Made with tobaccos aged for at least three years, this is the go-to cigar for those who revel in the indulgent”, and while it might seem like they’re blowing smoke (I’m sorry……so, so sorry), this cigar does deliver.  Upon first opening the wrapper, you immediately get a smell of chocolate and earth. I used a punch cut and then lightly toasted the cigar with my torch lighter before fully lighting.  The draw was a little tight, but I actually prefer that in a cigar.  It means the cigar is tightly packed and will burn a little slower.  It also produced a very thick smoke, another favorite “extra” i prefer in cigars.

First Third: For a non-infused cigar, this one packs a great punch of flavor.  Of the top you’ll get strong hints of chocolate and earth to match the initial smells, but also you’ll start to get hints of black pepper and nuts.  The finish is nice and long, mostly of the chocolate flavor.

Second Third: Here is where the chocolate and nuts flavors from the first third will blend into a coffee flavor, reminiscent of a dark chocolate covered espresso bean.  The finish stays long, but has evolved into more of a leather and black pepper taste. The pepper flavor does get a little stronger the longer you smoke this cigar.

Final Third: In the final third, coffee is now the main flavor as most of the sweetness of the chocolate has faded.  The black pepper is also present, but not overwhelming. This is definitely a cigar you want to burn down past the band if you can as it takes you through the full spectrum of sweet to spicy.  I even got to the point where I could feel the heat from the burning ash with my inhale. 

This is definitely a cigar you want to burn down past the band if you can as it takes you through the full spectrum of sweet to spicy

I wasn’t able to pair this cigar for this review, but in the past I had paired it both with a peaty, leathery scotch as well as some dark sweet stouts.  If either of those drinks are your favorite, I think you will not only love this cigar but will love pairing them together.  For the scotch, the leathery and smoky flavors blend great with the second and final third’s of the cigar, and the sweet chocolate and peanut butter stouts are great with the first third, and help carry the sweetness through the rest of the cigar.

Overall this is another great product from a company that has been producing some of the best cigars for decades.  It starts you off with a little bit of sweetness and ends with the bold flavor of a dark roasted coffee.  If you enjoy some dark stouts and porters or smokey whiskeys and bourbons, this is a great addition to your humidor. 

Mfr: Cohiba

Length: 5 1/2 in

Origin: Dominican Republic

Strength: Medium

Product: Black

Gauge: 50

Filler: Dominican

Sweet: No

Shape: Robusto

Wrapper: Connecticut

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