Review: 5 Vegas Series ‘A’ Apotheosis

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Numbers are the name of the game with this cigar.  Tobacco from 4 different countries are aged for 4 years before being rolled together and rested for an additional 6 months to produce the 5 Vegas (Pronounced Cinco Vegas) Series ‘A’ Apotheosis cigar.  Fillers from the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua are held together with a Nicaraguan binder and wrapped in a dark oily Costa Rican Maduro wrapper.  The best part is that 5 Vegas puts out a consistently above average quality for a below average price, making these cigars a bargain for those looking for a great toothy Maduro wrapped cigar.  The cigar has an amazing aroma and the cold draw gave me strong notes of chocolate.  I wet the cap and used a punch cut and then lightly toasted the cigar with my torch lighter before fully lighting.  The draw was very easy, and produced a nice thick smoke.

First Third: Earth and leather are the focal points of the first few puffs.  I honestly expected a raw chocolate flavor to be the strongest, but it was more of a background note if any for the first third. The cigar lit evenly and easily and kept even throughout.

Second Third: Here is where the chocolate flavors come out to play.  Very rich, very strong but a wonderful transition from the more neutral leather and earth to a slightly sweeter impressive chocolate flavor.  Now keep in mind, when I say chocolate I don’t mean milk chocolate like a Hershey bar, but more like raw cocoa nibs or very dark raw chocolate.  The ash is holding up fairly well, which combined with the even burning points to a very well constructed cigar.

Final Third: The chocolate flavors continued and the earth and leather stepped up a little as well, with all 3 balancing nicely.  I also started to get some black pepper notes as I burned down near the end of the final third, but it was more of an undertone than a forward flavor.

The A Series is a wonderfully constructed and complex mix of tobaccos that combine to make a smooth, sweet and overall delicious cigar that’s perfect to cap the end of a night. 

I love to pair dark Maduro wrappers with dark stout beers.  Usually both will have a sweetness that pair excellently together and this was no exception.  I had a SOME Brewing Whoopie Pie Stout, which I’ve mentioned a few times before in reviews, and this once again went very well with the 5 Vegas A Series.  The sweetness and chocolate in the Stout added to the chocolate and leather flavors of the cigar and each really enhanced the overall flavors of the other.

I’ll admit I was hesitant at first to buy a 5 Vegas product, because from a cursory glance the price point and abundance of product had bells going off in my head that this wouldn’t be a great cigar, but I’m happy to announce I was very wrong.  The A Series is a wonderfully constructed and complex mix of tobaccos that combine to make a smooth, sweet and overall delicious cigar that’s perfect to cap the end of a night.  I will absolutely be trying more of their products and probably keeping a few more of the Series A in my humidor to share with my neighbors.

Mfr: 5 Vegas

Length: 5.5 inch

Origin: Nicaragua

Strength: Medium-Full

Product: Series ‘A’ Apotheosis

Gauge: 55

Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan,


Sweet: No

Shape: Gordo

Wrapper: Costa Rican

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