Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

Cigar 101: Cigar Cuts

Welcome to another edition of Cigar 101, today we’ll be talking about the different ways to prepare your cigar to be smoked, mainly, the cuts.  While it may seem like it doesn’t make too much of a difference, the type of cut you use can alter the flavors, strength, smoke thickness and multiple other factorsContinue reading “Cigar 101: Cigar Cuts”

50 Cigar Terms To Know

We’ve all been there, we get into some new hobby, interest or topic and someone will start talking away using all kinds of terms you don’t know.  One of the goals I have for this blog is to educate, and likely learn some new stuff myself.  Personally I’ve been smoking cigars semi-regularly for almost 10Continue reading “50 Cigar Terms To Know”

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